Secure Private Messaging without Big Tech Spying

Finally! Easy and Safe Documents!

We have copied the Private Messaging of here so that you can use it easily on a cell phone.

To put it bluntly we are disgusted with media that spies on us.  Email through Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft IS NOT SAFE!  There is no way you can know if you are being spied upon or whether, as in Yahoo, they are also careless with your security.  As for apps such as WhatsApp, they are now changing their Terms of Service plainly telling you that everything can be shared with the parent company, Facebook.

With Biden is President, we have to be realistic.  No messaging service, no website and no social media based in the USA is secure.  Not a single one values your privacy or they would not be based in the USA.  Regardless of your political beliefs, if you say the wrong word, even sarcastically or even by accident, your door can get broken down at 2 AM and your life is in danger.

We are in Ukraine!  Our server is in Ukraine!  Our people are in Ukraine!

There are ways they can take us down, but there is no way for government goons to spy on us or you!